PUSAN(35-06-07N / 129-04-02E)


 Method Of Delivery

 By barge or oil lighter


 All kinds

 Minimum Charge

 USD300 in case under 100 MT lumpsum


 For quotation


Pilotage is compulsory. Pilots are available day and night, and board vessels off the entrance of the outer harbour, not breakwaters.
  Pilot station : 35-04-00N 129-08-10E
Pratique is granted to vessels at specified quarantine anchorage located in the north outer harbour as position 35-05-00N, 129-07-15E and for deep draft vessels pratique is granted at A-5, A-9, and A-10 anchorages with water depth of 27 to 31 meters.
No vessel can proceed to berth or have any contact with the port prior to quarantine inspection and clearance (except vessels entering into this port from another Korean port where pratique had already been granted).
Though the regular hours quarantine clearance are from sunrise to sunset, arrangement may be made for any other times in special cases on application during normal office hours.
The normal official working hours of the Customs and Immigration services are:
Weekday : 09 : 00 to 18 : 00 hrs.
Saturday : 09 : 00 to 13 : 00 hrs.
Arrival and departure may be effected outside the above hours and as far as possible, application for these should be made during the above office hours.
Harbour limits :
The limit of Pusan harbour is a line extending from southern head of the Haeundai Dongbaek Island (3504.7N, 1290102E) through to head of the Oryuk-Do and joining top of the Saeng-Do, this line running again westward to the Jo-Do and across southwest to the Yokmang Mountain.
Breakwaters :
The northern harbour is protected by two breakwaters on its southeasterly side. However, adverse wind from south may cause a heavy sea to run in the northern outer harbour. A light is shown on the north and south breakwater heads.
Vessels are subject to be required anchor to specified quarantine anchorage for quarantine customs, and immigrations inspections.
In the inner harbour, there are specified 10 anchorages for ocean going vessels including three(3) mooring buoy berths.
The outer harbour (out of breakwater), there are total 17 anchorages for deep draft vessels and 2 waiting zones.
At Kamchon area, there are total 23 anchorages for supplying power station's coal, cement, log carriers and tank cleaning tankers, etc.
All are of free swinging and good shelter with good holding ground of mud.
There are total of 86 alongside public berth (excluding berth of pier No.8 and Dong Myung pier) for the ocean going cargo vessels. Piers 1,2,3,4 and the central pier are for loading and discharging break bulk cargoes and, at the same time, pier 1 has a berth for car-ferries running between Pusan and Shimonoseki, Hakada, Japan and the car-ferry route between Pusan and Yantai is in service.
Piers 5 and 6 are used as container terminals with a berthing capacity of up to 50,000dwt ships with 9 gantry cranes installed each of which is capable of lifting 40 tons. Pier 5 also has grain silos which have an annual capacity to handle 1.4 million tons of grain. Pier 7 can handle steel scrap, coal and iron ore and, at the same time, provides a terminal for passenger ships running between Pusan and Cheju island.
To cope with increasing cargo traffic through the port, additional container terminals are slated for construction and an auxiliary port is to be built at Kamchon, north of Pusan.