ULSAN(35-30-33N / 129-22-51E)


 Method Of Delivery

 By barge or oil lighter


 All kinds

 Minimum Charge

 USD300 in case under 100 MT lumpsum


 For quotation


Ulsan port located on the southern part of Korea east coast 65 km by sea from Pusan is the largest industrial port in Korea, and is also the site of the largest shipyard in the world-the Hyundai Heavy Industries Yard which occupies a total area of 7.2 million square meters at Mipo. Opened in 1963, the port handles mainly crude oil, and steel products, coal, and chemicals required by the Ulsan Industries Complex, which is adjacent to the port area and houses an auto factory, and oil refinery, and a number of other heavy industry and chemical plants. It is divided into three parts, i.e., Main Port, Onsan and Mipo Port according to its location.
Pilotage is compulsory. 15 pilots are available day and night, and they usually board at quarantine station.
  Pilot station : 35-24-24N, 129-26-22E
  VHF Ch. 13
A Quarantine anchorage is located southeastward of port control as above area.
The harbour consists of a deep inlet, some 7km long and 0.7km wide, and extends to an open roadstead about 4.63km outside the anchorages spread from this extend to three quarters of the length of the inlet. The three new wharves are sheltered at the north end of the inlet. The anchorages (M.1 to M.29) are of good holding ground. The mean of the tides is 1.22m and currents are weak. The master of vessel is required to advise information of ship's best ETA and arrival report including anchor position to Ulsan Port Control through VHF Ch 14.
50-150 tons of cranes are available through the stevedores.